Apex International Academy presented “Racing to the Future” at the “Internationalised Primary and Secondary Education” conference organised by the NCCT – Ministry of Education and hosted by the Nansha School in Nansha, Guangzhou on November 21.

The presentation reflects on the nature and rapid pace of change in the 21st century, marked by increasing interconnectedness and the impact of technology on our lives and work. It challenges educators to look at the need to transform education to ensure today’s younger generation are equipped to survive and thrive in a future that can’t be predicted and requires new “mind” skills and human qualities to adapt to a rapidly changing world.

The presentation also reflects on how many of today’s schools with their narrow curriculum and emphasis on test scores kill creativity, collaboration and critical thinking and explores a future where half of today’s jobs are automated (within the next 20 years) and replaced by new careers in integrated technology, creative design,communication and entertainment. ‘Racing to the Future’ points to the need for today’s kids to become the innovators and entrepreneurs for the future.

Download the PDF (11Mb)