#HourOfCode at ORIGINS

In keeping with the spirit of the global ‘Hour of Code’ movement (#hourofcode) and to highlight the importance of computer science, programming and coding in a true 21st century learning environment, ORIGINS Education will be holding a coding event for staff on Thursday, December 8. During this ‘Hour of Code’ the ORIGINS Team will be using an online learning platform developed by BSD Academy our of Hong King.

The BSD platform allows coaching and learning of coding and programming in small, manageable steps laid out in a guided and authentic manner. The artificially intelligence (AI) engine behind this system allows any educator to quickly get a firm grip on integration of actual computer science and MakerEd-based projects involving students with a wide variety of skill sets.

The ORIGINS Team is ready to take the challenge and prove that ‘Anybody can learn’ to code!

“Every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn computer science”

Join the #hourofcode movement in your school or organization and take the diversity pledge by signing up on the code.org homepage.

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