ORIGINS Discovery Series: Early Childhood Workshop


What can I be? What Can I do?
What are 4-6-year-old children capable of? Do they know what they want to do when they grow up? Can they communicate in a bilingual environment? Do they express themselves confidently in new groups? Are they motivated to explore in science, technology, arts and mathematics? These were some of the background questions driving the first event in the ORIGINS Discovery Series held at Venus Kindergarten on December 3.


The ORIGINS Discovery Series is an opportunity for us to connect with the broader community and share our knowledge and passion for education with students, parents and teachers. The series reflects best practice in inquiry-based, bilingual education and demonstrates how we support children in developing skills and knowledge while fostering student-centered curiosity.


ORIGINS Education uses a child-centered approach to education, igniting children’s natural curiosity to encourage them to wonder, explore, create and connect. Teachers lead children to find problems and solve those problems by themselves. Students start with things they are really interested in, and teachers guide their learning journeys according to each child’s individual learning style. While from the outside early years inquiry-based learning may look like play, students engaged and driven by curiosity are engaged in one of the most powerful forms of learning!


Click the video to see the highlights of the ORIGINS Discovery Series Early Years workshop and see what valuable learning involving measurement, mathematics, text, relationships and self-exploration can look like in a student-centered classroom.

Learn more about inquiry and play-based learning by visiting the ORIGINS website and be sure to follow us to learn about future ORIGINS events.