ORIGINS Welcomes Proven Leaders


Experts to Support Growth of the Organization

With the dawn of the New Year, ORIGINS Education looks confidently ahead to the unveiling of projects we have been working on and we remain busy with curriculum and programme development at all levels.

Today, ORIGINS Education is proud to welcome several key members of staff who will help us achieve our goals for 2017 and beyond. Following ORIGINS’ Guiding Statements, each new member of the ORIGINS team will support growth of the organization and development of our schools and their programmes.

Deidre Fischer joins ORIGINS as an Associate Director and will focus on staff and programme development at all levels of the organization. In her work to build capacity within a framework of well-being, Deidre will draw upon her vast experience in school and staff development, in line with ORIGINS pillars of “Vision”, “Leadership” and “Programmes.”


Casey Bucheler joins the team from her last post in Vietnam. In support of our “Programme” pillar, Casey will lead development of Early Years education and staff development.


Margot Marks joins the team to weave the integration of Community, Action and Service within the ORIGINS Curriculum.