Planning for our Children’s Futures

Planning for our Children’s Futures

Applying the Global Goals for Sustainable Development

Recently, a group of ORIGINS educators attended a presentation by Mr. Yong Zhao, author of Paradigm Shift: Why and How. Mr. Zhao purports that we must educate our children to be more human, creative, and entrepreneurial if we want them to be participants in a future world.

Connecting the Global Goals

Intrinsic to ORIGINS Education are the 17 Global Goals for sustainable development. Yes, we require our students and teachers to be more human, creative, and entrepreneurial, however, we also want them to be caring, open minded, principled and thinkers too. Inquiry-based learning encourages people to question themselves and others. Students using their creative, entrepreneurial and human skills must ask themselves how can they make a difference in this world. What can we do to ensure clean water for all? How can we help to alleviate hunger? How can we pass on our skills and knowledge and improve education for others? What can we do to support gender equality? How can we ensure good health for all? These questions address the first 6 Global Goals for sustainable development.

Making a difference gives peoples’ life meaning and purpose. Innova International Academy aims for their students and teachers to be better people in a world where change needs to happen and to use their knowledge and skills to have an impact on people and their planet.

Margot Marks