Bilinguals – Smarter and More Confident

Bilinguals – Smarter and More Confident

Extensive research points to the significant benefits of having a bilingual brain. Bilingualism provides a unique and powerful opportunity to strengthen children’s highest cognitive brain potentials. Apart from feelings of greater self-confidence and self-perception, and having a highly valuable 21st century skill in the age of globalization, bilingualism has a direct impact on the functioning and health of the brain.

Academic Performance

Students in dual language programs consistently outperform monolingual peers is standardized tests. Bilinguals have better understanding in math concepts and problem solving, increased reading comprehension, strong thinking skills and better logic.

Mental Health

A multilingual brain tends to be quicker and nimbler. Children have more focus and are better at remembering. Speaking two languages profoundly affects the brain and how the nervous system responds to sound. Bilingual brains have more grey matter – the stiff that is responsible for muscle control, sensory perception, memory and emotions. Bilingualism is a form of brain training or ‘mental workout’.

Preparation for the Future

Bilingual adults have several advantages over monolingual adults, including higher average salaries and greater career opportunities.


Bilingual children have a greater sense of self worth, self-confidence and a greater appreciation of cultural awareness of themselves and others.

INNOVA Academy

Innova Academy will provide a dual language program designed to develop bilingual proficiency on English and Chinese. It generally takes 5-7 years to become bilingual. The best time to start learning a second language is in the early years (before the age of 5 years old), when language learning develops very naturally.  However many families leave the decision to enter an English language school until Middle or High School and find that their children either can’t reach the language proficiency requirements or are at the disadvantage of not having sufficient academic English to understand the content or think in English. Innova Academy also provides an intensive one-year English language “Foundation Program” in Grade 6-8 to support students bridge the gap and enter highly rigorous English academic programs such as the IB Diploma, which prepares students gain entrance to overseas universities.