Problem solving in the life of young learners

Ashley Spires’ book “The Most Magnificent Thing”, inspired this 6 Part series looking at the power of “Growth Mindset” in Early years education and beyond each part has been “paired” with an online video reference to extend the conversation

– by Nikos Kritsantonis, Origins Education

As early years teachers we see pure creativity in our classrooms every day and our role is to support students’ “natural powers”. The book “The Most Amazing Thing” explores the beauty of “making” and the power of perseverance and resilience.

Author and illustrator Ashley Spires in this book writes about a little girl who, alongside her best friend, her lovely dog, has a wonderful idea of making the “most MAGNIFICENT thing!”.  The little girl starts with enthusiasm.

but when things don’t go as she has planned she feels such a disappointment that she decides to “QUIT”.

The little girl didn’t know back then that this is a phase of problem solving which is called “Being STUCK”.

To be continiued