About Us

About Us

ORIGINS Education Team

ORIGINS Education is a professional and experienced team of educators and specialists based in Beijing, China – a city with a front row seat to one of the fastest growing private education sectors in the world. The ORIGINS team shares a passion for education and has a deep appreciation for the importance of high quality schools and the life-changing impact that they have on students and communities.

Today we witness great support from the Chinese government for development of private schools and educational programs that focus on the needs of young people growing up in a world of rapid change and seemingly limitless opportunity. Worldwide, we see a keen appreciation of the importance of 21st century skills such as creativity, problem solving, communication, collaboration and smart use of technology. At the same time, we engage with parents who are increasingly seeking schools that they can trust to provide a unique advantage for their children in today’s highly competitive world – a complete, yet balanced, high quality bilingual education. ORIGINS Education develops exactly these types of schools.

With every individualized school development plan that ORIGINS carries out, our multilingual and culturally sensitive team’s focus is education. Working from a service mindset, ORIGINS schools provide: an internationally recognized education that prepares students for life in the 21st century, strong linguistic and cultural integration with the host country, an integrated program of information communication technology across grade levels and, very importantly, a sense of community in our schools for students, parents and staff.

To discuss potential partnerships, interested investors are encouraged to contact one of our Executive Directors directly to schedule an introductory face-to-face discovery meeting.