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Learning doesn't stop when we leave the classroom. With this in mind, each school that ORIGINS builds is designed to foster a life-long learning, creativity, community and above all prepare our students for the future. We invite you to learn more about ORIGINS schools, and we look forward to sharing our newest school projects on this page as we release them to the public.

Innova Early Years Center (IEYC), Yizhuang, Beijing

Innova Early Years Centre (IEYC) is a stand-alone Early Years campus of Innova Academy. Innova Early Years Center opens in September, 2017 and is located in the Zhaolin Center in Yizhuang. It will provide education to children aged between 2-5 years old.


Innova Academy, Yizhuang, Beijing

Supported by modern facilities and underpinned by world-class programmes, the Innova school community is full of life and promise, with each individual member embarked on their own unique journey of learning. Our name is a reflection of that community. The English word ‘Innova’ is derived from the Latin ‘Nova’, meaning ‘new’, suggestive of growth, and root of the word ‘innovate’ – key concepts in our identity and our approach to education. Our Chinese name is comprised of two key characters: 鸿誉 (hong yu), as explained below, and 学校 (xue xiao), meaning school. 鸿 (hong), means ‘magnificence’ and 誉 (yu) means ‘honor’. When combined, these two characters spur images of positivity, of a bright future, of journeys with infinite possibilities.