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Grace Yang
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Grace Yang received her dual Master degrees from University of Toronto (Canada) in Education Administration and Northeast Normal University (China) in American Young Adult Literature, her TESOL teaching certification from Ontario (Canada) and teaching certification in Higher Education from Ministry of Education (China) . Grace has taught in public schools, private schools and college in China and education institutes in Canada (2004-2010). From 2011 to 2015 she was the Assistant Director of the Yuecheng Education Research Institute, responsible for the teacher development program, IB curriculum development, and government related education projects. In 2015-2016, Grace was invited to participate in the revision process of NCCT Accreditation Standards (version 2.0) and was also invited to participate the NCCT School Accreditation tour. Her enriched education experience and understandings in both Chinese public system and international education will make special contribution to Origins Education. Grace’s personal interests include reading, travel and sports.
杨千帆,加拿大多伦多大学教育管理硕士,东北师范大学美国少儿文学硕士,加拿大安大略省教师资格证,中国高等教育教师资格证。2004-2010年,杨千帆曾供职于中国的公立学校,私立学校和高等院校,以及加拿大专业教育机构。2011-2015年,担任北京乐成教育研究院助理主任,全面负责国际教育师资培训项目,IB课程研发以及政府的国际教育项目。2015-2016年, 杨千帆受邀参加教育部基础教育课程发展中心主持的国际学校认证章程修订版2.0工作,并受邀参加教育部主持的国际学校认证考察团的相关认证活动。杨千帆丰富的中西方教育经验以及对中西方教育的深刻理解将会为源启教育做出重要贡献。杨千帆的个人兴趣包括阅读、旅行和运动。

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